Vacation Planning

At Aethrion Boutique Homes we share with you our knowledge, passion and love for Crete. As inhabitants of the land throughout the year and passionate experiential travellers ourselves, we possess the details for every little corner you should visit and every authentic experience would make you capture the very essence of the Cretan world. Philoxenia is an act beyond hospitality and welcome, and as Cretans we are world renowned for this. We love to be your host and guide and help you tailor your ideal vacation. Chania can offer you a variety of experiences, ranging from cosmopolitan or private sea front days, to cultural landmark visits, gorge and special mountain walks, the E4 European Long-Distance Path, private yacht scuba diving and shopping… No matter whether interested in private or group excursions, at Aethrion Boutique Homes we stay in touch with you to offer original tips or fully fledged proposals to plan your unforgettable vacations. Get in touch with us at info@aethrionhomes.com or on +30 28210 34004 to help you explore a thilling range of possibilities. 



At Aethrion Boutique Homes your rendezvous with wellness is made easy. You may share with us every wish of yours for physical or mental revitalization; we will advise and guide you to available services in-house or outside.

  • Personalised services, body wellness and therapeutics (massage - shiatsu & thai, aromatherapy, body & face spa, aqua spa, face & body treatment, dental spa, hands & feet treatment, hair styling, personalised shopping tours)
  • Private or group training sessions (personal training, biking, trx, yoga, pilates, tour training, beach training, sea sports)
  • Therapies (reiki, bowtech, breathing)


Cretan food and drink is an introduction into a mystical world. Unprecedented tastes are simply the result of uniquely pure ingredients. Hand-picked wild herbs, fruit and vegetables of every kind, meat, fish and cheese from small scale local producers, award-wining wines mixing ancient local with French grapes and tsikoudia - the local grape aromatic distillate -, are just a few examples of tasty surprises. Food culture is part of the local DNA, offering amazing recipes to gather people around the table.
At Aethrion Boutique Homes we will not keep the secrets of Cretan food culture for us! We will guide you to tasty experiences that only Cretans can enjoy. We can assist you on:

  • Private or group tours to wineries, tsikoudia distilleries, olive oil extraction factories, cheese factories, farms, wine- and cheese-tasting events
  • Private in-house diners on authentic Cretan cuisine
  • Informed proposals and organisation for outside diners on authentic Cretan cuisine